Work. Life. Balance.

We hear the phrase often, but do we really stop to think about what it means? Is it mathematical? Does it mean working as many hours as you play? Does it mean working fewer hours than you spend with your family? Does it mean that you work hard at the beginning of your career in order to balance the leisure time you want to have at the end of your career? Is it prioritizing career versus everyday life? Is it balancing the multiple areas of your life?

In reality, it is all of these things.

So, how in the delicately balanced work/life world do you achieve even a modicum of equilibrium? Work/life balance is about finding a career that aligns with your core values. Finding work that is in balance with the interests and activities that energize you – THAT’S work/life balance. When you can Integrate your personal philosophy with your work philosophy. Finding work that you are happy to wake up for and reluctant to leave at the end of the day. Work that supports your family and that your family supports. Work. Life. Balance.
Ok. What’s next, you ask? Try an online tool to determine your core values. Once you have a sense of what is important to you, do your best to move your work in a direction that encourages your core values. Align yourself with an organization that demonstrates the ideals that are important to you. For example, if healthy lifestyle, whole wellness, or community service are among your list of priorities a career in health and wellness would be a fantastic focus for you. In fact – Optimum Wellness Centres would be a great fit for you.
We are a group of highly trained professionals who work closely together to provide the community with wellness services which support a healthy lifestyle. Optimum Wellness Centres believe in a diverse team, whose unique contributions set us apart from other employers. The team’s caring attitude is key to success in the health and wellness field; that’s why we focus on attracting and retaining the best people. Our culture reflects who joins our team and, in turn, our team reflects who we are as a company. We are a fast growing and dynamic company that is always looking for the right people. A great place to work is just the beginning! Optimum Wellness Centres offer careers in chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy as well as our awesome support team of clinic assistants, human resources, accounting, and administration. Check out what which Team Members we are hiring for right now –

We hope that if you are considering a career in wellness, you will consider Optimum Wellness Centres. More importantly, we want you to take care of yourself and take a few minutes and think about work/life balance. Are you where you want to be? Are there any voids, that lead you to less wellness than you deserve? Remember, take care of you.