Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Goals – we all have them. One of the most common goals people have are losing weight and getting into shape. The aesthetics notwithstanding, we know you understand the importance of attaining and maintaining good health.
If you have chosen weight loss or improved fitness as your goal, have you made the most of your first month? Yes; weight loss and fitness goals are typically seen as having longer timelines, but research has demonstrated that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they are broken down into more manageable chunks of time. In the case of weight loss, a perfect short-term milestone is the beginning of February – the deepest, coldest and darkest part of winter – and the perfect time to get out of town for that annual Beach vacation! Thus Feb 1, 2012 can be an appropriate goal date to assess the effectiveness of your fitness training, and help to create focus through the holiday season and beyond.
With 12 weeks left between now and February 1, this is the perfect time to sign up for personal training sessions! Using the services of a personal trainer has many benefits, including:

Increased Fitness Improvements

A January 2008 research study1 on women’s health club members found that those members who trained consistently with a personal trainer were more likely to select appropriate weight loads when they exercised on their own. Working with a trainer influenced their perception of how much weight they could effectively lift. Using the appropriate resistance training stimulus for your fitness level will better help you increase your muscular endurance, reduce your body fat and improve your bone mineral density.

Learning New Skills

In the same study, the women who worked with personal trainers on a regular basis were more comfortable exploring modes of resistance training beyond machines, such as free weights, barbells and elastic resistance. Spa Lady personal trainers have access to many unique training systems, including small group Women on Weights training and the TRX suspension system, which will work your muscles in different ways, pushing you past your plateaus.

Increased motivation

In a study of women who made a conscious decision to improve their exercise behaviour (remember your goals!) those who had sought out a personal trainer to assist them were less likely to fall off the wagon. They were more likely to maintain or improve their exercise behaviour, their commitment and confidence levels remained high, and they progressed at a greater rate.2 A personal trainer will support you in staying on track with your goals.
Make the most of the next 100 days by adding personal training sessions to your fitness routine. Ask at the front desk for names of trainers in your local club!

1Ratamess, N.A.; Faigenbaum, A.D.; Hoffman, J.R.; Kang, J. Self-Selected Resistance Training Intensity in Healthy Women: The Influence of a Personal Trainer. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 22(1):103-111, January 2008.

2Fischer DV, Bryant J. Effect of certified personal trainer services on stage of exercise behavior and exercise mediators in female college students. Journal of American College Health, 56(4):369-376, Jan-Feb 2008.
Abena Edugyan is an Elite Level Personal Trainer at Spa Lady – Westbrook Mall Location.