Tendonitis, Fasciitis, and Shockwave Therapy (acoustic wave therapy)

Dr. Ed Palichuk, DC OWC – Bow Bottom

With spring time approaching, don’t let conditions like plantar fasciitis, shoulder or elbow tendonitis, or back pain stop you from getting 100% enjoyment from your outdoor activities.

Many “-itis” conditions are very treatable with shockwave therapy. By “-itis” conditions we mean inflammatory conditions of a specific tissue. For example tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon. Tendon + itis.

Most chronic “-itis” conditions only become chronic because they are not treated correctly or effectively at an early stage of the condition. As well, connective tissues such as fascia, tendons and ligaments do not have a tremendous amount of blood supply, so they tend to be a little slower to heal when they are damaged.

Shockwave therapy is so effective in helping such tissues to heal because it helps perfuse connective tissue with blood and nutrients necessary for the healing to occur. Generally, a tendonitis or fasciitis condition takes 6-8 weeks to heal, and 6 treatments with shockwave therapy.

Optimum Wellness Centres provide shockwave therapy at two of our clinics, Bow Bottom and Macleod Trail. If you are suffering with a persistent tendonitis or fasciitis condition, call today and do something about it. Don’t let such conditions ruin your enjoyment of your springtime activities!