When seeking treatment centres for stress relief around Calgary we have a plethora of convenient options for you. Research has shown that therapeutic massage has benefits like lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscle spasm, and improving range of motion. With our team of qualified therapists we can help you find the right type of therapy for your wellness needs.

At Optimum Wellness Centres , we pride ourselves on taking a complete and well-rounded approach to help you regain optimum health. We invite you to our clinics that offer many holistic health care facets. Each patient is unique; therefore, each of their issues need to be handled as such. As medical professionals with various backgrounds, we have a lot to offer each patient. We enhance the amount of treatment options that we can offer each patient when we combine therapies within the office. We enjoy the fact that we can offer services from various practitioners in one convenient location. By seeing more than one practitioner, you can compound the effects of the treatments and increase your recovery and decrease your stress.

For people in pain, therapeutic massage may enhance chiropractic adjustments or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments by helping people decrease anxiety and stress. You can find yourself feeling relaxed yet more alert. Often patients can feel pain dissolve as trigger points are released and deep tissue therapy eases muscle aches and stiffness. Chronic conditions such as sciatica, back pain, muscle spasms and whiplash are often reduced with regular treatment. Ask your Optimum Wellness practitioner if they feel any other therapy might benefit you!