Spotlight On…Taylor Drews, Clinic Assistant

“Good Morning, Optimum Wellness Centres how may I help you?” Taylor Drews cheerfully receives a call and sets to booking a patient for an appointment. An esteemed member of the OWC team since 2012, Taylor is the heart of the Macleod Trail location. Often, the Clinic Assistant is the most overlooked member of the team. They work diligently to ensure that our valued patients receive the best care and service possible. Their day to day tasks range from booking appointments, following up with patients, insurance claims, MVA and WCB claims, and much more. All the while they work hard to provide that extra caring touch to patients, who are often, suffering from extreme pain. “I think that the best part of my job is seeing the change in patients. It is rewarding to know you are helping make a difference in people’s lives.” Taylor says as she hangs up the receiver.
Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Taylor moved to Calgary three years ago to pursue a double major in Sociology and Indigenous Studies, successfully graduating from The University of Calgary this past June. While Taylor pursued her degree(s), she began working at OWC as a part-time student “I was very thankful that OWC was fantastic at accommodating my availability when scheduling my hours. As a student it was very much appreciated.” Since graduation, Taylor has moved into a full-time position with OWC and has recently been promoted to a Team Leader role. Team Leaders (there are currently five Team Leaders) are Clinic Assistants who have reached a certain level of knowledge and expertise within their position. The Team Leader position(s) at OWC is a busy and fulfilling role. It allows a Clinic Assistant the chance to visit other OWC clinics, offering support and guidance, to other Clinic Assistants within the OWC family. In addition to offering support to other Clinic Assistants, the Team Leader also performs quality and control checks within each clinic. These checks ensure all of our patients are receiving the outstanding care to which they have become accustomed.


When Taylor is not dispensing outstanding patient support, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and is currently learning a second language.

Caring and skilled people like Taylor are a big part of why OWC continues to provide exceptional care to our patients. OWC is always looking for qualified Team Members. To learn more or to join the OWC Team please submit your resume to
Melissa MacKinnon,
Marketing Coordinator