Shin Splints

Dr. Gena Boris, DC OWC – West Hills

Spring means many different things for many of us but, for some it marks the beginning of marathon season here in Alberta. With it comes the long hours of training which can lead to pain and injuries. A common injury runners suffer is known as tibial stress syndrome or shin splints. This syndrome can occur along the medial (inside) of the shin or along the anterior (outside) aspect. If the pain is ignored or left untreated it can lead to a stress fracture.

Common causes of shin splints include over training, inadequate footwear or poor biomechanics of the hip, knee, ankle or foot. These issues can create muscle fatigue in the shin and will lead to inflammation of the tibia (shin bone), which leads to pain. Early treatment may include rest and ice massage, but a thorough assessment and treatment by a health professional is important. Cross training may still be possible, swimming is often recommended.
The doctors and therapists at Optimum Wellness Centres will conduct thorough assessment and provide treatment to reduce the pain and inflammation. This can be done through a variety of techniques which include chiropractic manipulations, to correct the biomechanics of the pelvis, ankle and foot, Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Massage therapy or Acupuncture can release the tightness of the muscles, physiotherapy can provide exercises to strengthen weak areas, and custom orthotics can be prescribed to prevent over pronation. Whether you are training for your first marathon or you are a seasoned runner we are here to aid in your journey and to help your body function at its optimal level.