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MedX Medical Lumbar Rehab Machine in Alberta

The MedX is a computerized testing and strengthening rehabilitation device for the low back. Research has shown that for people who suffer from chronic low back pain, the cause is often due to weakness of the small stabilizer muscles of the spine. While larger muscle groups like the hamstrings and glutes provide support and strength to your lower back, they don’t stabilize the spinal column to the same degree compared to smaller muscle groups. The MedX Medical Lumbar Rehab Machine isolates your lumbar extensor muscles by securely holding your legs and pelvis in a position that eliminates them from helping your back muscles, forcing your back extensor muscles to do all the work. By isolating them in this manner, they quickly regain lost strength and coordination, and most people get relief of their low back pain.

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Your practitioner will discuss your specific needs, present your options, suggest a treatment plan, and discuss the benefits and any risks associated with the recommended treatment. Treatment plans are specific to each patient.

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Majority of the Canadian Health Insurance providers reimburse partial or all the fees for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Psychological support, and other rehabilitation services we provide.

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