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by Gordon Moore on Optimum Wellness Centres
Simply The Best
Location: Renfrew

I had a motorcycle accident 40 years ago. I've had chronic back pain on and off ever since. Dr. Lim is an absolute expert with the active release therapy which has loosened my back muscles and relieved the pain. I can now do the exercises he's recommended to the point where I'm almost 100% for the first time in many, many years. Can't thank him enough.

by Jeff Sillito on Optimum Wellness Centres
Location: Renfrew

Excellent staff, great Dr's, all around great experience

by Bob MacDonald on Optimum Wellness Centres
Chiro Care
Location: Renfrew

Dr Julian Lim provides excellent chiropractic care plus works on active release techniques and has given specific exercises to alleviate and cure the problems with back problems. I have experienced chronic back pain from years of hard work and physical activity and Dr. Lim works at keeping me mobile and moving. Its great care!!

Going here has been so amazing. Whenever I pull something or pop a rib out I always know that if I go to see Dr. Lim he will tell me exactly what's wrong and what I need to do. When I walk out that door I feel a million times better. Thank you

I have been coming here for a year and much to my surprise, not as often as in the past. Dr Lim uses techniques which my body responds well to. He has provided me with exercises to strengthen my hip flexors and back. He was able to explain exactly what was happening with my injured knee and what I can expect post surgery. He cares and reminds me to be careful on the ice so that I do not slip again. I have no trouble getting into the office and the staff are friendly. I am grateful for Dr Lim's abilities and techniques.

Dr Lim was able to explain what was happening to my injured knee. He has recommended exercises for strengthening my hips and back. He uses the Graston techniques which my body responds well to. I have literally been able to go months in between treatments, which I have not done in the past. He is a fabulous all round chiropractor and knows a lot about how the body works. I have increased my own knowledge as a result of this. I am grateful for his techniques and abilities.

by Gwendolyn R. on Optimum Wellness Centres

Dr. Lim is the best. He provides such excellent service & care & takes time to address all your concerns. He not only has he done wonders for me but for all my children as well. My oldest son had an extreme injury & was told he was never going to be able to have full use of his hand again & after several Graston treatments with Dr. Lim he has full use of his hand & rarely has any pain. My youngest daughter is a competitive dancer & sometimes injures herself & he always fixes her up & is good to go come competition time. Dr Lim is amazing & I am truly always thankful for him taking the time to fix us up:) I would definitely recommend him to everyone!

This place is great! Dr. Lim is very knowledgeable and puts a lot of care into his work. My back has noticeably improved in the time I've been going there. I would strongly recommend this place!

Dr. Lim is always attentive and professional, by far the most knowledgeable and effective Chiropractic treatment I have ever received.

I have been going here for over a year now. I have had great results with naturopathy and Dr. Theriault. I am feeling so much better. My immune system has finally come up and I have energy to do things. The care and concern I have had is first class. I have also started with massages with Glynis. They take away most of the aches. The staff here is friendly and caring. They work with to make things work to your schedule. Keep smiling.

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