Kenway Tse, R.Ac


Kenway was born and brought up in an environment where herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and Qigong of traditional Chinese medicine were prevalent.  He was amazed by the people who practiced Qigong exercise for health and healing.  Such exercise generally works out in a slow flowing movement (or stillness) that coordinates the breathing and state of mind of the practitioner.  It helps the life force energy (Qi) to circulate through specific channels within our body so as to heal, strengthen, and nourish our body and spirit.  Besides Qigong, acupuncturists can also activate and manipulate the flow of the life force energy within one’s body by manipulating the needles inserted into superficial body tissues at certain locations called acupoints.  While Qigong usually benefits the practitioners’ own health, the practitioners of acupuncture promote the health of others.  In either case, Kenway was struck by the awesome power of our body’s innate ability to restore or balance our physical and emotional conditions.

A year after moving into Edmonton, Alberta, Kenway and his wife chose to embark on the expedition, exploring the precious self-healing power of human body.  They started taking a three-year diploma program of acupuncture in Grant MacEwan University, which is approved by Alberta Health Disciplines Board.  Kenway completed his diploma of acupuncture with distinction and fulfilled all the requirements for a full registration member of College & Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta.    As a registered acupuncturist, he is passionate to help his patients restore their health and be aware of the healing power of their bodies.  He endeavors to treat his patients with compassion, respect and integrity, and is glad to see them live a healthier, longer and relatively stress free life actualizing their interests.

In leisure time, Kenway enjoy playing cards, chess and table tennis with his wife and his two boys for fun and relaxation.


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