Dr. Kathryn Kurash, B.Sc., TCMD, R.Ac., ADS

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture

I find the immensely integrated way the human body functions fascinating and beautiful. To my memory, I have felt called to the Health Sciences. After earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta in Molecular Biology, I spend many years searching for my path through research, optometry, family medicine, and public health, until I found my home in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  By way of yoga to treat anxiety, I found an Acupuncturist who was able to explain and treat all of my symptoms. I appreciate the way Chinese Medicine acknowledges the mind-body-spirit connection and understands disease as measures of imbalance in the body with recognizable causes, mechanisms and treatment. I use acupuncture to treat the root cause of a disorder rather than masking its symptoms. I believe a holistic and integrative approach to wellness is the most effective and sustainable type of health care.

I try to share my knowledge and skills with my own children and my patients alike. My favourite issues to treat include mental health, pediatrics, pre- and post-natal clients, pain, migraines, and fertility.

In my spare time, you can find me out with my kids, or at the dog park.


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