Jill Nickel

Clinic Assistant

Jill is a floater with the Optimum Wellness Centres group. This is her retirement job, working anywhere from zero to forty hours in a week, but hopefully somewhere in between. She has worked at just about all the clinics and loves the possibilities of seeing a few shifts pre-booked and then waiting to see how things develop. Sometimes it means the week fills up if someone is sick or leaves, and sometimes it means opportunities to go for coffee with friends or work on the never-ending renovations she and her husband have embarked upon.

She has an accounting background and retired from a job in office management. After a year or two with a lot of travel it became apparent that to really enjoy an active retirement she would have to do something to fund it. A friend was working as a floater at Optimum and it sounded like the right combination. It has been perfect. After originally taking the job to make some money while still having flexibility, she realized that the best part was getting to know all the different practitioners at the clinics and the really wonderful clients that come in. It creates such a positive energy.

Jill comes from a large family, and really likes getting together with them. Weekends at the cabin, camping, hiking trips and just a lot of talking and laughing. Between them, her husband and her son, life is pretty full.



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