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Crystal Zidar

Masssage Therapist in NE (Calgary)

Joined team: March 3, 2021

Location: CPS Onsite

Language: English

Services: Massage Therapy

Modalities: Massage, Sports Injury, Repetitive Strain Injury, MVA, TMJ Dysfunction, Pre/Postnatal

A mom of three adventurous chimps we find ourselves outside as often as possible, we love to take advantage of the rivers, mountains, and wild terrain we are so fortunate to call home, now! 

My journey into a greater health career began with my introduction to yoga about 10 years ago, with a passion to share, I switched gears into Massage Therapy and have been practicing since 2015. One of my greatest joys is seeing how the body heals when the stage is set. I enjoy formulating preventative, and recovery maintenance plans for my patients incorporating all modalities, as each one offers unique qualities for more full-body healing. 

Total Approach to Health & Wellness

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