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Tips To Prevent Gardening Injuries

Gardening season is quickly approaching. Below are some tips to avoid gardening injuries:

  1. Warm up- Warming up prepares your muscles for work, helps prevent injury and boosts energy and performance. Do some stretching and go for a quick walk to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing.
  2. Use proper tools- Using the right tools is important in protecting your back and neck from a potential injury. Choose tools that allow you to stand up straight as you dig, shovel and weed. Short tools force you to bend down awkwardly, leading to sore and strained muscles.
  3. Rotate tasks to avoid repetitive stress injuries- Rotating your routine every 15 minutes will help you avoid repetitive stress injuries to your knees, wrists and back.
  4. Stress while you work- Stretching can help re-energize you and allow your body to relax and your muscles to loosen.
  5. Avoid sudden movements- Your back muscles are not prepared to handle sudden jerking or twisting movements. These movements will likely result in a sore back or strained muscles. As you work, turn your whole body as you twist and keep your back aligned.
  6. Work at the right height- When possible, get down to the level at which you are working. Bending at the waist to lift tools or supplies can aggravate your back muscles, try lifting with your legs.
  7. Don't over do it- Try not to garden for long periods of time and make sure you take frequent water breaks.

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