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Tips For Snow Shoveling


With the monthly snowfall average in Calgary being surpassed within the first four days of November 2017, some tips of getting through winter seemed appropriate! First off, some tips on snow shoveling.

  • Invest in a lightweight plastic push shovel
  • Be sure to warm up your muscles before getting started with shoveling. A quick walk, jogging in place, or some light stretching can all help loosen things up
  • Instead of waiting for the snow to pile up and shoveling it all at once, try to frequently shovel smaller amounts of snow
  • Avoid lifting the snow, but rather push it off to the side. In the same manner, do not lift heavy shovelfuls of snow and then twist or turn – try to keep your shoulders and hips square to the object you are trying to lift
  • Do not lift with the back but instead lift using the legs with the knees bent
  • Instead of reaching or tossing the snow in the shovel, move to where you wish to deposit the snow
  • Don’t forget to take breaks, especially if you are feeling tired or short of breath

Other quick tips include layering clothes so that you may shed a layer if need be, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated – even if you feel cold, wear good shoes or boots with grips to avoid slips and falls, and cool down after finishing shoveling with some light stretches. Finally, getting adjusted will help improve flexibility and lessen the chance of injury, and Chiropractic care should also be used after an injury in order to quicken recovery times.

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