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Shin Splints

By: Samantha deCastro

This is a fun one. I had a period of shin splits when I graduated university. ANY jogging/running at all, it was almost immediate. Pain all along the front of my lower leg. Luckily I did not need treatment, it just went away on its own, but what do you do if you're running a 5K next week?!

First, let’s discuss the two main types. First there is the Tibialis Anterior strain, also known as anterior shin splints and the medial tibial stress syndrome, AKA posterior shin splints.

The anterior version is usually felt with heel strike, down-hill running and over-striding, whereas the posterior type is mostly felt on toe-off. It usually is described as a slow onset of a dull, achy pain that can be tied to a change in activity.

There are not any special tests for this diagnosis. A practitioner will rule our stress fractures and things like Compartment Syndrome before beginning treatment. This can include PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), adjusted exercise intensity, stretching, massage, adjustments, acupuncture and a rehab program.

Proper footwear is also essential. Sometimes orthotics may be needed, especially if being on your feet all day or running is an important part of your lifestyle. Unsure if your shoes are right for you? We offer a complimentary pedorthist consultation at most of our clinics!

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