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Foot And Toe Deformities

By: Samantha deCastro

Every wonder if your feet are "normal”? If that pain you feel when you walk all day is to be expected or if it can be fixed? How about when you got told you had flat feet? Let’s talk about different deformities possible in the feet and toes, and what you can do about them!

Hammer Toe: This one, you guessed it, looks like a hammer. It involves either the second, third or forth toes, specifically the joint closer to the foot.

Mallet Toe: This is the same idea as the previous one, but it is the joint farther from the foot instead, making the toe look more like a mallet.

Morton’s Toe: This is a shortened first toe in relation to the second, this can lead to something called overpronation.

Bunion: Enlargement of the inside of the foot, near the base of the big toe. The cause of this is the swelling of a bursa (fluid filled sac) under the skin.

Hallux Vagus: Sometimes mistaken for a bunion, this is an actual enlargement of bone or tissue around the base of the big toe.

Corns and Callouses: Areas of thick, hard skin. These usually happen because the skin is irritated from rubbing over a bone.

Pes Planus (flat feet): This is when your arch collapses, and the whole foot comes in contact with the ground. This affects the biomechanics of your gait. It can be rigid or flexible in nature.

Pes Cavus: This is an aggressive arch, which can lead to some instability and injury.

Club Foot: This is something you are born with, and is typically handled very early on in the babies lifetime.
So what can you do if any of these apply to you? Easy! Come in and see our amazing certified pedorthist for a complimentary assessment! They can determine if you need orthotics, if an exercise program will correct the issue, or if a referral to a surgeon is in the cards.

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