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External Tibial Torsion

External Tibial Torsion
By Dr. Julian Lim

External Tibial torsion is a common but usually an overlooked cause of knee and foot issues such a plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and knee injuries. It occurs when the lower leg bone (tibia) turns excessively outwards when compared to the upper leg (femur).

What causes it?

  • Tight ligaments and tendon structures in the knee, leg or hip.
  • Hereditary issues
  • Injury as a child
  • Untreated foot or knee injuries

Signs and Symptoms

  • Usually seen when children begin to walk, while looking at them from behind you might see their toes and feet turning outwards between the pages of 4-7
  • Child may lack coordination in activities such a sports
  • Knee and/ or foot pain
  • Usually seen in one leg more than the other
  • When standing the individual may have flatfoot deformities and “knock knees” knees bending inwards
  • The knees may appear to be straight when standing or walking yet the feet turn outwards when walking

What can be done?

  • Depending on the cause of the issue strengthening exercises and a specific rehabilitation program might be beneficial.
  • Taping the leg, foot, knee depending on the cause while doing exercises to help retrain specific muscle patterns
  • Use of a supportive brace and/ or foot orthotics during activities to minimize pain from activities.

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