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Eversion Sprains

By: Samantha deCastro

We talked about spraining the outside of your ankle. How about the inside? These are not nearly as common, as you have to do something pretty weird to stress those ligaments. This includes aggressive twisting, and landing a jump the wrong way. These sprains can be associated with fractures.

The exam and history are very much the same as the inversion sprains, check out the previous article on Inversion ankle sprains. The big difference is we are focusing on the inside of the ankle now, especially a ligament called the deltoid ligament.

Once diagnosed sprains will be graded 1 through 3 (mild, moderate or severe). This depends on the swelling, bruising, instability, and muscle involvement.

Though eversion sprains tend to be less common, the treatment is very similar to the inversion sprains, and you chiropractor or physiotherapist can get you back to your daily activities!

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