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Benefits Of Stretching

This article is going to dive deeper into the specific benefits of stretching. If you have more specific questions, talk to your provider.

Improved Range of Motion: By putting out body in certain positions, we help lengthen the muscles involved. This helps reduce muscle tension and we can increase our range of motion.

Why does this matter? It means you can move farther before causing damage.

Increased Power: If we have more range of motion, the muscle has more room to contract, and therefore, increases power potential.

Better Recovery: Ever done a workout and 2 days later barely been able to get out of bed? That is delayed onset muscle soreness, improving your flexibility can aid in recovery from this. It helps with blood circulation, lengthening the muscles and making sure waste products don't build up.

Reduced fatigue: By increasing flexibility, the pressure can be lessened on the working muscle, therefore reducing the fallibility of that muscle.

Stress Relief: Having a regular stretching routine can be used as a relaxation technique, helping reduce stress and calm the nervous system.
Sounds great doesn’t it? But just a reminder, this is no quick fix. Like pretty much everything that has to do with our health and wellness, it takes time and consistency to see the benefits listed above.

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