International Health Care Providers Provides OWC Patients International Health Care Choices

Canadians are exercising their freedom of choice. Health care choice that is. Many Canadian patients are seeking health care in the US. They consider their health a worthy investment.

Waiting in line to get an MRI, so you can wait in line to see an Orthopedic Surgeon, has replaced sitcoms as a topic of water cooler conversations. You don’t have to be a detective in order to find someone who is uncertain of his or her health care future.

Canadians are suffering in waiting lines. When bone rubs on bone for a long enough period of time, one can forget what movement without pain actually feels like. Shirley McGuin, 65, knows what it’s like to wonder how much pain she would have to endure before finally getting the long awaited knee replacement surgery she so desperately needed.
Despite tests proving that she needed a complete knee replacement, Shirley would watch 13 months lapse while waiting to see an Orthopedic surgeon. That’s if all went well.

“When I knew what the wait would be, I was devastated,” Shirley explains. “Daily, the pain was increasing and I was having more and more difficulty moving around at all. I pictured myself in a wheelchair, months before the surgery. As well as devastation, I felt disbelief. Although I had heard that there were long waiting lists in Canada, suddenly it hit home when it involved me.”

Shirley contacted International Health Care Providers Inc., an Ontario based company serving all of Canada by offering a specialized service dedicated to obtaining superior medical treatment for its Canadians clients. Partnering with outstanding American treatment centres, IHP commands from of the line service as well as preferential discounts.

Within days, Shirley was in front of a world renowned surgeon at the Detroit Medical Center for a consultation. Within weeks, she was had a complete non-invasive knee replacement. This advanced technique meant that less than two weeks after the surgery, Shirley retired her walker as she was already walking comfortably with a cane. The encouraging momentum continued into Shirley’s two-week post surgery appointment.

When the specialist took her picture to post on his Hall of Fame wall, Shirley says, “I was pleased to say the least.” Two weeks after the surgery, she was able to walk completely unassisted and more importantly, without any pain.

International Health Care Providers Inc. (IHP) is your Canadian resource, connecting you leaders in advanced speciality and subspecialty care. This exclusive, unprecedented opportunity offers Canadian patients a gateway to gain immediate access to superior healthcare with the support throughout the process.
Optimum Wellness Centres believes that getting health care in a timely fashion is the right of every Canadian, so we offer this partner as an option to ensure you get the care when you need it.