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Running a practice on my own was exciting when I started out. After having 2 kids I found it hard to do all on my own. I moved my practice to OWC so I could take the worry of business off my plate. I get to work within a network of experts and have a team supporting me now. I am getting more out of life since I made the switch. Thank you OWC!

Dr. Jackie Fairbourn, DC

Chiropractor, Palmer West

I had my own practice but got tired of the day to day job running a business. I joined OWC to spend more time working with patients and now creating the lifestyle I desire.

Dr. Marcy Kimpton

Chiropractor, LACC Grad

I have been an OWC partner for nearly 10 years. I currently practice in Airdrie in a high volume multidisciplinary clinic where a true team approach to people’s health and wellness is what we aspire to help our patients achieve. There were many things that attracted me to join the OWC family. I loved the opportunities for growth and partnership in something bigger than me or my practice. The systems are in place to help you to succeed, from professional mentoring to head office and administrative support, all within a model that allows and encourages unique individual practice styles. It’s great to be able to pursue your passions in practice. But it’s amazing when you have a family of all types health professionals who support that pursuit and when you feel privileged to support theirs. Whatever your goals are, OWC has the model that can help you reach them.

Dr. Jamie Mulholland

Chiropractor, University of Western States Grad

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