There are many kinds of athletes from runners to swimmers, from tennis to golf, and from football to boxing. In any sport you twist, turn, bend, or fall and any of these actions can injure or strain your joints, tendons, bones, and muscles. This strain goes beyond just competition and into the training regimen used to prepare, resulting in a sports injury. Luckily the Chiropractic Community is trained to alleviate pain caused by a sports injury.

Maybe you’ve decided to start going to the gym so you can get back into shape for the big vacation. Things start out well but you strain a muscle or twist a joint. Most people just assume the pain will go away, and it does…for a short period of time until you start training again. Your chiropractor can help you get aligned so you can continue your mission to fit into that bathing suit. He/She will also be able to advise as to the proper exercises to reach your goal.

As I mentioned, there are many kinds of athletes and many kinds of sports injuries that can occur. Runners can suffer leg and low back injuries. Swimming, while being one of the best exercises for you can also cause pain in the back, arms, and legs. Athletes that compete in contact sports usually incur more serious sports injuries due to the “bumping and banging” that is involved as well as falling down. Many injuries can happen at high speeds skiing or snowboarding down a 5,000 – 10,000 foot slope. Even dancers, though not your conventional sport, can incur injuries from awkward dance steps and spins.

The point is that many chiropractors treat many athletes for their various injuries. A chiropractor is educated to examine all aspects of your life. He/She uses that information to evaluate the condition of your spine and will manually adjust it to remove blockages to afflicted nerve endings. Chiropractic is a drug free science, specializing in management of the nervous system, muscles, and skeleton, that does not use surgery to correct ailments. Your chiropractor will not only alleviate pain, but can be very effective in recommending a daily regimen to ensure continued health. Athletes need to have their bodies in the best physical shape and free from HYPERLINK “” sports injury. Regular consultation with a chiropractor can keep your body prepared for competition.

Please Note: The information provided here is merely referential and informative. It is in no way a representation of professional medical advice and you should consult your chiropractor to determine any possible diagnosis and treatment methods that you may require.