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Our mandate at OWC is to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to health, and we recognize that your emotional and physical health is closely connected.  Sometimes life’s challenges can become overwhelming and issues such as ongoing pain, illness, injury, or family and personal challenges, can result with a range of emotional feelings such as becoming depressed, anxious, or losing hope. Further, we understand that it can be difficult and confusing to know how and where to find help. We recognize how difficult it can be to find confidential and respectful support which is why we have psychologists on our team.

Did you know that there is over an 80% success rate when people receive therapy with a psychologist? Our psychologists can help; they provide assessments, treatment and intervention. They have experience working within many diverse areas, such as: chronic pain, work (WCB) and personal injury (including motor vehicle accidents and insurance claims), family and other personal challenges and concerns.

Look at our survey attached below to see if counselling might help you.

If you have a specific question regarding counselling and/or would like a 15 minute free consult this can be arranged. Please call us at (403) 273-1717 or email us

Registered Psychologists are recognized by many private health care plans, and our services may be covered for you, please consult your insurer.  We are also WCB approved, thus if you have a work-related issue our services will be covered in most cases.

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