Did you know that low back pain is a very common condition? It is actually a problem that many people experience all over the world and it places a large economic burden on many countries due to the amount of work time lost and the cost of medical care. Studies have shown that up to 80% of people will experience low back pain at some time in their life. The majority of causes for low back pain, chronic or acute, are related to improper or repetitive motion. Although it is rare, low back pain can be an indicator of a more serious problem, so it is important to get your back examined by a chiropractor so that these problems can be ruled out.

Experiencing any form of pain is not pleasant. Back pain can cause serious alterations in your daily life if it is significant enough. Low back muscle strain, a very common cause for low back pain, can occur due to many different causes. Typical causes include heavy work loads, twisting, turning, bending in different positions or even standing in one position for too long! If this muscle strain is not treated and rehabilitated properly, it is more likely to become a recurring problem.

A good action plan is to get to the root of the problem. At Optimum Wellness Centres we address all forms of lower back discomfort. Typical back pain can be described as sudden, sharp, dull or intense. There are many effective treatments that help relieve each type of lower back pain. Each chiropractor in our group is equipped with the necessary knowledge to diagnose and treat the cause of your low back pain. We are here to provide you with ways to decrease your low back pain, so call and make an appointment with a chiropractor at a location near you!