You may be experiencing allergies, if your health has not been as well as it should and there’s no obvious reason. If you experience symptoms such as low energy, trouble staying on your diet, irritability, or frustration, consider the possibility of allergy treatment. It is said that 20-30 million Americans suffer from some allergies during their lifetime. Some people experience flaring of reactions at different times in their life where sensitivity to a specific allergen may have been dormant. And while they do tend to have a higher frequency within families, allergic reactions are not genetic in all cases.

Allergies are intolerances to specific substances that most people find harmless. A reaction develops when a person comes in contact with the substance he/she is allergic to. Some allergens you might be familiar with include Hay Fever, Asthma, skin irritations, and digestive troubles. Hay fever normally affects 1 in 20 Americans.

Food, which is an everyday requirement, can be the biggest source of problems. A radical change in diet can have very pleasant effects, however food allergies are much harder to determine. In spring you know that tree pollen is going to cause problems but your diet doesn’t change much from month to month. And when you think you’ve eliminated a food from your diet, you will find that that food is used as ingredients for another food. If you were allergic to wheat you would find that margarine, beer, and ice cream contain wheat, as an ingredient, so you end up eliminating many more foods. The first step for allergy treatment is to recognize the problem. Many times allergic persons have suffered for so many years with their problems, that they fail to realize a new problem when it occurs. A change of atmosphere may trigger reactions. While you might not add another sneeze, headache, hive or upset stomach to your list of physical problems, you might find that you are getting sick more often.

As with any illness, measures such as a balanced diet and enough rest are beneficial. Homeopathic remedies work by strengthening the body’s defenses and can be very effective. But before you can receive allergy treatment, your chiropractor has to determine what is causing the allergic reaction. Specific allergy tests will be recommended. Also a complete history, followed by a physical exam and some routine lab tests, can help your chiropractor determine the best course of action.